Refresher: Via Professionalism

Professionalism as a Via Driver Partner

Professionalism means... always being polite & courteous! keeping riders comfortable! making riders feel welcome!

Remember to:

Be Courteous

Welcome riders into the car with a smile

Never swear or use foul language in any circumstance

Keep it Comfortable

Maintain a comfortable temperature in the car

Accommodate rider’s requests for AC or to roll down the windows

Display your Via Signs

Don’t forget to place magnets on either side of your vehicle

Keeping your Via Sign Number in your windshield helps riders find you quickly

Tips from Rider Feedback:

Riders take the time to email us about their favorite rides. Below are the common themes from their reviews:

  • Clean Car

    A clean car makes a great first impression

  • Delight Riders

    Share a small treat like bottled water or a candy to surprise and delight your riders

  • Smile

    A simple smile and a hello leave a lasting impression

  • Relaxing Music

    Keep the music relaxing and calm (90.9 gets great reviews)

  • Smooth Driving

    Drive smoothly and avoid sudden accelerations or braking